Utilities to fix glitches in water, power supply

The Utilities Committee is working round the clock to fix some of the challenges associated with providing
good quality water and efficient billing of power at the estate.

The Committee has said there have been fewer complaints about the quality of water at the estate, although Exco members want the Committee to do more.

To deal with this, the committee’s chair said he would carry out an online water quality survey from April for one month and invited Exco to work closely with the committee.

In December 2020, there were complaints about water quality which the service provider had not yet addressed fully; although the trend had also been improving. There was water expansion to the northern Bamisoro part of Banana Island and a 3rd new borehole was installed on 3rd Avenue.

The new borehole in addition to the two existing ones made three boreholes and raw water supply capacity improved by 50 percent from 40 metre cube per borehole per hour (m3/borehole/hr) to 120m3/hour.

To address these water supply complaints, the Utilities Committee recommended that every last business day of the month, tests be taken independently by BIPORAL but for cost borne by the service provider to confirm water quality.

Power has been stable and the committee is in the process of renewing the Gelmark contract. However, there is a need to change the vending system.

Nevertheless, there have been energy losses. This has been attributed to some areas that are metered but are not billed – water plant, administration office et cetera. Sewage and lift plants are not metered and the system is also manual.
Electricity audit has started and about 19 check meters have been introduced.

IPNX deployment is going on well.

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