Lagos task force clears illegal squatters

Lagos State’s environmental task force has cleared Banana Island neighbourhoods of illegal squatters that have posed security risks to residents.

Taskforce teams frequently raid the neighbourhood to rid it of squatters in uncompleted buildings and clear up empty plots. Illegal kiosks have also been demolished. This has brought back sanity and safety.

Last month, BIPORAL Echo reported that representatives from neighbouring residential estates
met to set up a consultative group. This group is to foster partnership in dealing with the issue of rising insecurity in the area as well environmental degradation.
The residential estates included Shoreline, Aquapoint, Salvation, Onikoyi, Turnbull, Banana island road and Banana island estate.

The representatives from these residential estates have so far held two meetings, the second held on Sunday, May 2.

The estates had also resolved to engage with agencies of the Lagos State government as well as the Police with the hope of securing their support in dealing with issues of insecurity and refuse in the neighbourhood. These efforts are partly in response to a video that went viral, showing that the highbrow Ikoyi, Turnbull, Onikoyi and Banana island road areas were under siege by illegal squatters carrying out authorised activities. They posed serious security

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