BIPORAL Chief Security Officer gives security updates

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Banana Island Estate has spoken to BIPORAL Echo about some of the security measures in place to keep the estate safe.

Security in Nigeria today is priceless with the regular cases of kidnapping, armed banditry, and other forms of insecurity
reported in the news.

The CSO has said that to help with patrols the estate has been divided into three Sectors and this has made the general patrols simpler, easier and swifter. Phase 2 of the closed-circuit television (CCTV) Project is ongoing but only on the shoreline and waterfronts. Other phases ahead would eventually cover the whole Estate.

There have been concerns over domestic workers who loiter on the estate after 8 pm. The CSO says the rate of compliance has been high because, with the introduction of Operation Stop and Challenge, fewer people are
raided out daily. The security chief said his team is ready for aggressive, intensive, and all-round the clock patrols
with more surveillance at the entry and exit of the estate.
Additionally, the proposed new gate would take all security factors into consideration in its design and final construction.

On whether familiarity among domestic staff and security personnel at the estate pose security problems, the CSO said the level of closeness or fraternity between Domestic Staff and Security Operatives should not affect their job because there are Rules and Regulations guiding the security duty which must be strictly adhered to or sanctioned when
in default.

On policing the shorelines, EXCO is making great efforts to partner with the Marine Police to assist the Estate in its shoreline protection. This is a plan to procure a new patrol boat for the Estate.

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